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6B: Custards and Bavarians

In this class we made fillings to go with the extra meringues we made in week 5 and turned out two cakes. The history of custards—no surprise—is long and complicated. Ancient Roman cooks recognized the binding properties of eggs; they … Continue reading

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5A: Meringues

When I think of meringue, I think of lemon meringue pie (one of my favorite foods), meringue drop cookies, and French macarons. We’ll be learning macarons at some point; in this class, we learned pretty much everything else, though. The … Continue reading

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4B: Commercial Baking

Commercial baking is baking for a bakery or other large-scale operation rather than for a restaurant. In this class we made things that can be sold as individual servings, and we finished up our cake and tarts from the last … Continue reading

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4A: Mousses and Fillings

In this class, we certainly made mousse and fillings, but they (mostly) couldn’t stand on their own, so we made cake and lots of tart dough, too. Mousse doesn’t appear complicated, but there’s plenty of technical information to learn. A … Continue reading

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